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Bianca wins 2nd place at Go-Kart!!!

Wahouuu I won 2nd place in our Karting race yesterday. It was not an official race but I got the second best lap time (1.01.71 sec)!!! It was a really intense experience I would have raced all day but when we stopped after our 30min on the track my hands were aching! And… I mananged to pinch something in my back in one of the curves. As some of you know, every year something happens to me! Last year (stupid me in sandals) I lost the toe nail of my big toe!!!! That was a very painfull experience! This year I was in long pants and long sleeve shirt with my running shoes and still managed to hurt myself but nothing compared to last year! I am going to see my osteopathe at 4pm today… she will fix me up. For now I am icing my back 10 min per hour.

Am still available for shows but please don’t ask me to do any barbaric positions!!! lol

Angel amongst the angels

My dear followers I would like to express to you how much you mean to me and would like to wish you a wonderful Easter Monday. Yesterday morning at 4:19am I witnessed my four legged companion Angel’s last breath. She held on to her physical body for as long as she could and left very peacefully in the comfort of our country house with me lying beside her and candles light all arround us. Accompanying her through this passage has been the most wonderful experience ever. Although I am going through ups and downs right now I was really strong and kept a serein and happy energy throughout every stage of her death to support her like I felt was right. She guided me in her needs and desires and we danced through it. I am so proud of her. When she took her last breath her face lite up and her ears went up in a ‘v’ shape that gave her the look of a young pup. Her eyes were big and round as if she saw a trailer full of steaks and liver for feast time! My Angel is now with the other angels and is with us in our hearts.


Horny Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!

We are back online to share ourselves with you. Yesterday one of the girls was sick so she stayed home and thus we weren’t able to come online and play. She’s feeling much better this morning and Jay is gone to bring them to school. I am REALLY horny and hungry for my man’s cock and my yummy toys!
What adventures await us today??? Let’s find out!

Bianca & Jay

Middle of the week SEX!

Middle of the week at the country house. It’s so fun to walk to the dogs without a leash! We are having a PROMO on Solo & Couple private shows today. If you are feeling horny meet us up on the chat or on our Skype (kinky.frenchies). I woke up with Jay’s cock in my mouth and he refused to give me his load… he said he was keeping his precious milk for you voyeurs!

See you inside!