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Angel amongst the angels

My dear followers I would like to express to you how much you mean to me and would like to wish you a wonderful Easter Monday. Yesterday morning at 4:19am I witnessed my four legged companion Angel’s last breath. She held on to her physical body for as long as she could and left very peacefully in the comfort of our country house with me lying beside her and candles light all arround us. Accompanying her through this passage has been the most wonderful experience ever. Although I am going through ups and downs right now I was really strong and kept a serein and happy energy throughout every stage of her death to support her like I felt was right. She guided me in her needs and desires and we danced through it. I am so proud of her. When she took her last breath her face lite up and her ears went up in a ‘v’ shape that gave her the look of a young pup. Her eyes were big and round as if she saw a trailer full of steaks and liver for feast time! My Angel is now with the other angels and is with us in our hearts.


Horny Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!

We are back online to share ourselves with you. Yesterday one of the girls was sick so she stayed home and thus we weren’t able to come online and play. She’s feeling much better this morning and Jay is gone to bring them to school. I am REALLY horny and hungry for my man’s cock and my yummy toys!
What adventures await us today??? Let’s find out!

Bianca & Jay

Middle of the week SEX!

Middle of the week at the country house. It’s so fun to walk to the dogs without a leash! We are having a PROMO on Solo & Couple private shows today. If you are feeling horny meet us up on the chat or on our Skype (kinky.frenchies). I woke up with Jay’s cock in my mouth and he refused to give me his load… he said he was keeping his precious milk for you voyeurs!

See you inside!


Live The Moment

I woke up so revived at 6h30 am this morning and took the dogs out for a walk in the yard. It’s still pretty cold here (-15c) so I heated the furnace and the wood stove to warm up the house while everyone, except me and the dogs, were still asleep. Coffee then my fruit, yogurt, kefir and diatomaceous earth shake and off I go to the computer to read you. I want to this moment to thank you for your emails of support and suggestions. They are the best way to start my day! I haven’t hear from you about the new ‘viral’ video updates that we do every Friday. I would love to hear what you think…. whether it’s positive of negative your feedback is what allows us to customized the site to Your liking!

Tomorrow’s show will either be held in the bedroom or the washroom. So according to popular vote we will decide tomorrow at noon on where You have chosen Your show to be!

I am available for Solo show this afternoon while Jay will be gone to the city with the kids. Send me a message through the ‘inbox’ here or hit me up on Skype, whatever works best for You!

Enjoy your Monday….enjoy the Moment,


Country House Fun!


We arrived at our country house late last night with the dogs, the cat and our kids for the spring break. Forecast for th week is cold but it’s going to be intense in outdoor activities skating, skiing, horse back riding and sliding. 

We remain available for your special requests on Skype by adding our ID is: kinky.frenchies. 

Good weekend!

Soft action for Sunday!

On this mild Sunday I am writing to you from my couch with ice on my neck. It jammed again yesterday. I saw the chiro in the afternoon and will see him again tomorrow. With ice on it every hour it should reduce the inflammation within this day…according to what he told me. I hope to be able to come online a little later to enjoy some sensual moments with you all. Please be soft with me today, no hard domination me up or bondage guys!!

Bianca XxX

Montreal here we cummmm

Today we are on the road back and forth to Montreal for a new migraine treatment for Jay. We brought Django along with us to get him used to car rides. He slept almost all the way up (2.5 hrs) and woke up only to eat and pee once we reached our destination. Now we are on the way back to Quebec and he’s still sleeping! Thanks for your great and original birthday wishes yesterday… you all really touched me!
Now that the kids are gone it’s time to get wild!! See you tomorrow for uncensored action!

Leaving the country house

How to leave the country house???

Always this big question that strikes us when it comes time to set sail from here. There is a kind of magnet that slyly holds onto us and prevents us from doing what we have to do and redirects us towards what ” she ” wants us to do. It’s so healing for the mind and body here and it is especially the tranquility that strikes us and refills our batteries ( libido , spleen, stomach, body fluid , etc.).

Ok, I will calm down  and come back to reality! We appreciate your comments on our humorous videos , viral ( Sex For Laugh ) that we put online Friday. Our video editors had fun with our material and  cooked up something …. REALLY funny with our material whici represents us perfectly. Pairing sex and humor gives something unexpected and especially nothing serious leaving room for improvisation and delirium of life.

Our next ” Free Live Show ”  will be held Wednesday, February 19 at noon ( EST ) . We will be at our main home and ready for a trumondous diliriohumous ” ” . We summon you to be there in large numbers and participate with us to reach heights never reached ! !

Laugh, life is a party,
the Kinkyfrenchies

Storm Cummmming!

Good Thursday everyone!

Here at the country house, this is the calm before the storm that is coming our way. The dogs temperament speaks for themselves … they are crazy as shit, confirming that we will get this cold white substance. Everyone to their shovel, tomorrow will be a day of back strain !

In another vein, tomorrow we will start putting humorous videos online.  The videos are shot  without any pretentions and without taking ourselves seriously… as always! The goal is to expand the spleen and spice up your day by letting our imaginations go wild. The crazy ideas coming from you will greatly be taken into consideration, then let go and be part of it . Today , in fact, we start with a shooting of Russian Olympic inspiration ! Stay in contact to see the progress of it.

We solved the problem with the  ”chat” on the site, so show is tonight at 8:00PM ( EST ) live from the country house of the KinkyFrenchies!

Bianca and Jay

Beautiful Winter Morning!


Wednesday morning, 7:00am at the country house and the beautiful province still reminds us that it is still winter … -26’ degree Celsius on the thermometer. 

The morning walk with the dogs was somewhat shortened even if the sun was up. Bianca is in the bath and I am preparing the play/ work area so we can come and share our madness  with you! We are eager to get kinky with you and do crazy role plays!